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Understanding Moving Insurance


Option One – Minimum Liability

You may choose to purchase no insurance. Regardless, we will provide you with complimentary insurance at the minimum liability rate which is .60 per pound per item. There is no charge for this option.

Example: For a lost or damaged 100 pound dresser you would receive $60, regardless of the dresser’s actual value. Weight is determined by the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) Table of Weights.

What Is Not Covered:

Loss or damage to jewelry, gem stones, cash, stamps, coin or currency, bank notes, travelers checks, deeds, letters or valuable papers of any kind, coin or stamp collections, photo albums, scrapbooks, negotiable items, perishable articles, firearms, ammunition or contraband.

Any internal electrical or mechanical component of any device unless external damages are duly noted in writing at the time of delivery. Loss of data and recalibration are also excluded. Damage to furniture made from pressboard and/or particleboard.

Loss or damage consisting of breakage of china, glassware, bottles, statuary, bric-a-brac, or other similar articles of a brittle nature unless property has been packed by the carrier. The carrier is not responsible for the content of boxes packed by the owner.

Pairs & Sets: The policy covers only the cost or repair of an individual item damaged, regardless if the item is part of a pair or a set.

If you would like to purchase full insurance, you can do so by visiting www.bakerintl.com

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ICC MC 723158
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